Take It Off! by Taylor Cole and Justin Whitfield

Take It Off! (The Naked Truth About Male Strippers)

Grade: C-
Hotness Level: Blaze
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: Non-Fiction
Reviewed by Anne
I saw this book and was interested in reading it.  It’s a behind the scenes tell all by two former strippers and current romance novel cover models, and who doesn’t want to know more about male strippers.  (Well, I don’t anymore.)  I really don’t know how to review it.  It is what it proclaims to be, but I think I was much more offended by it than I’d imagined.  Well, really, I didn’t imagine I’d be offended.  I guess I didn’t give it enough thought.  
See, I figured there would be stories of sex, and of mishaps, and of risque and funny things that happened to strippers.  And there were.  But I was caught off guard by how much manipulation went on and by what they do to get more tips.  See, the secret to getting tips is having regulars who come to see you and tip you when you’re dancing.  (I’m so naive!  I had no idea there were regulars at strip clubs!)  And if you are nice to them and pretend to like them, and even build up a little sexual tension… well, then they’ll keep coming back and they’ll keep tipping you.  It’s best not to have sex with the regulars, since they’re your source of money.  If they really push for more, you can let them take you out to lunch and try to make them your “friend.”  In that case, they are more likely to keep coming to see you, and keep tipping you.
After reading this book I feel like I know lots of tips and tricks of how a stripper picks up a woman for the night.  And if you ever want a quickie with a stripper, here’s what you do:  Look really hot.  Or at least hotter than the other women at the show that night. 
The writing in the book was just ok.  There were a couple times where what they were saying was just unclear to me.  I don’t know if it was a typo or what.  I also felt like it got increasingly less edited as I moved toward the end of the book.  In the beginning the chapters flowed a bit while covering the material.  By the end it was a just lists of different kinds of information and hook ups.

Going in, I thought I’d come away respecting the hard work that strippers do.  After reading the book I’m having a hard time not being disgusted by men in general.  So what grade to give?  It does give the information it promises.  The writing is ok.  I just didn’t enjoy it.  The book came in at 78 pages on my ereader, and I was really glad it wasn’t any longer.  So, I’m going with a C-.

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