At His Majesty’s Convenience by Jennifer Lewis

At His Majesty's Convenience
Grade – C
Hotness Level – Blaze
Kink Level – No Kink
Genre – Contemporary (but in a fictional land)
Reviewed by Kate

Once upon a time (3 years ago), in the land of Ruthenia far, far away (okay, it’s on Austria’s border)…

After the communist regime fell, Jake, young and handsome, returned to his family’s throne ending decades of exile in America. King Jake brought his loyal and uber professional assistant Andi with him. Upon regaining the throne, Jake promised his countrymen he would choose a bride by Ruthenia’s third Independence Day celebration (mere weeks away). Being pursued by the daughters of the country’s elite, Jake is trying to decide which of the conniving dears he finds least repugnant. Andi, who has loved Jake since she became his assistant six years ago, cannot bear the thought of watching him court and marry someone else. She hands in her resignation to Jake (who is stunned) and plans to leave right away.

Late that night, Jake finds Andi, who after a conk on the head cannot remember anything. Seeing a solution to his problems (losing his faithful assistant and having to pick a bride), Jake tells Andi that they had gotten engaged earlier that evening. Andi feels something isn’t quite right, but believes Jake since he seems familiar and comfortable.

When Andi regains her memory, she confronts Jake. He convinces her to play along until after the Independence Day celebration and then make her decision. Andi chooses to leave, thinking Jake doesn’t return her love. Meanwhile, Jake realizes that what started out as a desire to keep his assistant has turned into true love. He predictably chases after her…And they live happily ever after.

I almost quit reading this one at page 80. I was flabbergasted that Jake would even consider taking advantage of Andi by lying to her and yes, seducing her. I guess I have come to expect more from my heroes. However, I soldiered on. By the end, the author managed to turn Jake around. I finally found some sympathy for the jerk and managed to cheer when he and Andi finally reunited…but it was a close call.

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