Boots and Chaps by Myla Jackson

Boots And Chaps (Ugly Stick Saloon, #1)

Grade – D
Hotness Level – Inferno
Kink Level – Moderate Kink
Genre – Contemporary, BDSM
Series – Ugly Stick Saloon #1
Reviewed by Kate

Audrey owns the Ugly Stick Saloon (think Coyote Ugly with strippers by request.)  When the manager takes a request for a stripper at a private birthday party but the usual strippers are all unavailable, Audrey steps into her old stripper alter-ego Kiki. It’s a good thing the birthday boy is Jackson, who she has been crushing on for a while now. She had a small sampling of him in the storage room the night before but she wants more.

The private party was planned by Jackson’s twin brothers, Mark and Luke, who decide they’ll play with Kiki if Jackson won’t. But Kiki only wants the twins if Jackson wants to share. Jackson has never shared before but decides to try it..for Kiki.

This book sounded so promising but I was really disappointed. The characters seemed a bit unrealistic to me. Audrey wants no part of a relationship but joins Jackson in the storage room for a wild romp, knowing he’s a commitment kind of guy, because her vibrator ran out of batteries the night before. Jackson takes over a Dom role to Kiki’s sub at the party but keeps asking her if what he’s doing is okay and what she wants him to do. A more pansy Dom I’ve never met. Then suddenly he finds his Dom balls and things are hunky dory. The off-kilter part? Kiki is turned on by both the pansy Dom as well as the harder Dom.

Mark and Luke did not come across as very likable. They liked any woman who breathed and didn’t seem to have any connection to Audrey/Kiki

The final scenes that happen after a Ladies Night Out at the bar are not just a stretch for Jackson’s character but something closer to an alien taking over his body. Those last scenes were so unbelievable that they were the final straw for me…and that’s after surviving through all of Audrey’s complaining about having to replace batteries and awkward feeling foursomes. Shudder.

2 thoughts on “Boots and Chaps by Myla Jackson

  1. You know the part where you said “This book sounded so promising…” ? That was the moment I decided you are our menage specialist. Menage reviewer specialist I mean.

    Then I read the rest of the review and thought “Thanks for taking one for the team.” And that seemed oddly inappropriate, too. But still, thanks for reviewing this book!

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