Out of This World by Jill Shalvis

Out Of This World
Grade – C+
Hotness Level – Blaze
Kink Level – None
Genre – Contemporary/Paranormal
Reviewed by Kate

One of the things I love about my library is it’s romance section. Four shoulder-height racks that rotate. The part I like best is that they are only loosely alphabetized. Meaning all the “M”s are together, but not necessarily in order. It might seem like a strange thing to appreciate, but I love stumbling across a favorite author’s book I haven’t heard of before. That’s how I found this quirky Shalvis read.

Rachel inherits a Bed & Breakfast in Alaska from her aunt. She takes her good friend Kellan with her to explore the B&B. There she meets Marilee, the cook who can’t cook, and Axel, the guide who always gets lost.

Rachel and Kel get struck by lightning and wake up with x-ray vision (for Rachel) and super-human strength (for Kel). And that’s just the beginning of the strangeness. A secret pair of guests, the aunt’s fully stocked gun cabinet, and dimension jumping pirates round out the plot.

This is definitely a departure from the Lucky Harbor Shalvis I am used to. Written in first person from both Rachel and Kel’s point-of-view, Shalvis has created a separate world that you are only given the smallest glimpse of, enough to leave me with tons of unanswered questions.

One thought on “Out of This World by Jill Shalvis

  1. I think just walking into a library relaxes me. Mine has the same rack of paperbacks, mostly romance, separated by first letter of the author's last name. It's such a fun place to browse! ~Anne

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