Easy by Tammara Weber

Hotness Level-Ember
Kink Level-None
Genre-New Adult
Reviewed by Kay

Jacqueline is a sophomore in college that followed her boyfriend to school. In her second year here, said boyfriend decides he wants to sow his wild oats and breaks up with her. She is heart broken and distraught. She skips classes while in mourning and gets behind, which causes her to need a tutor. She also attends a frat party where she walks back to her truck alone at night, in a dimly lit parking lot. She is attacked and almost raped by a guy in her ex-boyfriend’s fraternity but she’s saved by a guy named Lucas.

Lucas gets her home safe and sound after beating her attacker senseless. Lucas is a senior in college and different in every way from Kennedy, her ex. He’s quiet but fiercely protective of her. They begin a relationship this consists of attraction and friendship. Jacqueline also has a sort of relationship with her tutor, Landon. They haven’t had a face to face but converse through e-mails. Most of their conversations are school related but some personal information is also shared.

A lot goes on in this story, Lucas is Landon, which gets explained, her attacker goes after her repeatedly until the authorities are called in, her ex wants her back and she learns that first love doesn’t always last. This was a sweet book about real love and forgiveness of one’s self for mistakes made both in and beyond your control. I’m not a fan of the young adult and new adult genre, I like my romance spicy, but this was a good book.

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