Hometown Girl by Robin Kaye

Hometown Girl (Bad Boys of Red Hook, #0.5)
Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level-None
Series-Bad Boys Of Red Hook #0.5
Reviewed by Kay

This is a novella to start Robin Kaye’s new series. It is about two people that grew up together and then lost contact. Elyse is in her early to mid twenties and decides she needs to lose her virginity. The man she’s always wanted doesn’t even know she’s in love with him, which she’s been since the third grade. Simon is an artist, who is bar tending until his career gets off the ground. He’s estranged from his family because he didn’t take a job with his father that his father thought he should.

Elyse’s decision to lose her virginity is supported by her best friend, Melissa, who is Simon’s sister. Elyse and Melissa used to play pranks on Simon and all of his dates. Basically making his life miserable, but that changed when Simon went away to college. Elyse walks into a bar and there is Simon. She knows that he’s the one she’s been waiting for. He knows he knows her from somewhere but can’t remember where. He is instantly attracted to Elyse and they decide to leave together. Needless, to say her virginity is toast after that night. Simon finds out who she is and thinks it’s all a prank. He tells her to leave and throws her out. She’s heartbroken but knew there would be a chance of that when she decided on this course of action.

This is a solid start to this new series and I enjoyed reading it. I liked the premise to the story and I feel it delivered. Robin Kaye’s Domestic Gods series is one of my all time favorites and I expect no less with this one.

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