To the Princess Bound by Sara King

To the Princess Bound (Terms of Mercy, #1)
Hotness Level-ember
Kink Level-No kink
Series-Terms of Mercy #1
Reviewed by Kate

Ah…the siren call of a free book. There is just something abut the whole freeness that calls to me. Of course I typically end up disappointed, but every once in a while I stumble across a gem. To the Princess Bound by Sara King is just one of those gems. 

A sci fi romnce…gotta love the ability to completely alter a world to suit your storyline needs, right? Princess Victory was captured, tortured, and raped for six years. Now back at home she is terrified of all males. Her ass of a father decides that to get her over her fear, he is going to chain her to the biggest slave they can find.

Enter Dragomir, a native emp…someone who can heal with their mind. Dragomir is taken from his home and chained to Victory. Then he discovers that he and Victory are soul mates…have shared dozens upon dozens of past lives…and he can heal her… if he can get her to trust him.

While definitely a romance, it is not terribly steamy. Only a few kisses before the last few chapters of the book. While that might normally bother me, it wasnt the case this time. I enjoyed this one a lot.

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