About Anne

Ok, since Kay shared a bit about herself, here’s my “About Me” entry.  I’m Anne and I love reading romance.  I’m a stay at home mom.  I’ve been married to my husband for 14 years.  We have 5 kids ranging in age from elementary school to the Marines.  We were foster parents for 7 years and adopted 3 of our kids through foster care.  I also have a wonderful daughter-in-law and grandson.  Two of our kids have pretty involved special needs. 

I was an early reader.  I remember enjoying The Little House on the Prairie books and Trixie Belden mysteries in elementary school.  By middle school I was reading sci-fi and fantasy.  I finally found romance in college.  Looking back, though, I always loved the romance story line in my books. 

The first romance I ever read was the Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oake.  My grandma and I devoured them together.  Then in college I discovered romance with sex and I haven’t looked back.  Kay and I found each other a couple years ago through a mutual friend in our awesome book club.  (We read primarily romance.  There’s no assigned reading and lots of snacks.)  Kay and I figured out we have very similar taste in books, excepting the whole suspense/BDSM issue.  Kay reads MUCH faster than I do.  We nag each other into reading good books.  We both prefer hotter books, but will make exceptions for a very good storyteller. 

I read as a stress reducer.  I love the escape to another world, especially when it’s one with a guaranteed happily ever after.  My favorite romance genre is contemporary. Lauren Dane’s Brown Siblings series is a current favorite.  In fact, I’m seriously considering buying Tart today, even though I’m generally too cheap to pay that much for a book. 

Besides reading, I enjoy sewing (mostly quilting,) crocheting, and watching TV, and running.  We just got Netflix after years without cable, so we’ve been glomming series we missed altogether.  The kids have been running through Disney channel shows.  After they go to bed we’re watching Dr. Who, Sherlock, The Office, Big Bang Theory, Merlin, Psych, Reaper, and more.  I’ve become quite the multitasker and tend to be doing something on my iPad while we watch TV.  Usually Pinterest.  You can follow me here:  Dirty Girls’ Good Books on Pinterest   

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