Riveted by Meljean Brook

 Riveted (Iron Seas, #3)
Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level-None
Series-Iron Seas #3
Reviewed by Anne

I have loved every Iron Seas story I’ve read, and Riveted was no exception.  I was hesitant about this story because it had no previously known characters, but that was no problem at all.  I loved it from start to finish.  Annika and David were delightful.

Before I read romance I read science fiction/fantasy, and I was always drawn to books that had a romance subplot.  This book reminds me that I still enjoy sci fi/fantasy.  There’s a complicated plot and lots of fun and adventure.  And a mechanical whale.  I kid you not, there is a humongous mechanical whale in this story.

When David and Annika first meet it is while they are on their own quests, paths just crossing.  As the story progresses, and their paths happen to merge for a while, you see that they have more to overcome.  Annika has never been in love and is not sure that she wants to give it a try.  She doesn’t want to be diverted from her guilt fueled quest.  David is handsome and wonderful as seen through Annika’s eyes, but he has a lifetime of insecurity related to the prosthetic hand, eye, and legs he has.  Watching them overcome their issues and find each other is such a joyful journey.  That fact that it takes place in such a fantastical world is icing on the cake.  This is a best of 2012 read for me!

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